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What Is Advanced Ecommerce Academy?
Advanced Ecommerce Academy is a 9 week online program that will take you from being an absolute beginner to an advanced ecommerce expert. The main goal of the course is to teach you exactly how to create a profitable Shopify store with step by step proven methods taught by Ecommerce expert Seth Smith who is making at least $500,000 a MONTH in revenue.

Upon purchase, you will get immediate access to the entire program which begins by showing you a step by step format to selecting winning products that will sell, building a store, launching low budget Facebook ads to get sales within 2 weeks.

After this stage, the focus is to get you building the backend and other revenue generating opportunities such as Instagram influencers, email marketing & many more methods. 
Who Is Seth Smith?
Seth Smith has built multiple million dollar Shopify stores with dropshipping and has generated millions for other companies using his Facebook Advertising strategies. Seth is widely recognized as an ecommerce expert when it comes to finding a problem with the data and from bringing a store that is doing 6 figures to 7 figures. Seth is the CEO & Founder of Kamozi and RocketMessage, which, is the Number 1 Facebook Messenger Shopify App! 
Core Training
Advanced Scaling Section
Instagram Influencers
Outsourcing & Automation 
Limited Time Offer
100% Money Back Guarantee 
Access To Private Mastermind
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Week One
Introduction To Ecommerce & Product Research 
    #1: Introduction & Overview of Course
    #2: What is Drop-shipping & Why You Need To Be In It Now!
    #3: Ecommerce Terminology 
    #4: What Is A Niche & How We Can Research It 
    #5: Product Research - Intro & Free Tools
    #6: Product Research - Aliexpress Techniques 
    #7: Product Research - Paid Tools 

Week Two
Building Your Online Store For Conversions
    #1: Shopify - Let’s Get Building Now!
    #2: Shopify - Shipping Information & Rates 
    #3: Shopify - Picking A Plan & Store Preferences 
    #4: Setting Up RocketMessage Part 1 
    #5: Setting Up RocketMessage Part 2 
    #7: Logo - How To Get One For Cheap 
    #8: Domain - How To Register 
    #9: Google Analytics - Proper Setup
    #10: Setting Up Email - G-Suite 
    #11: The Art Of Pricing - Getting The Price Right Every-time 
    #12: Automating With Oberlo  
    #13: Conversion Optimisation - How To Get That Purchase 
    #14: Adding Reviews With 1 Click 
    #15: Setting Up Parcel Tracking
    #16: Image Editing & Optimization

Week Three
Facebook Ads Masterclass
    #1: Intro To Facebook Ads 
    #2: The Facebook Pixel 
    #3: Audience Insights - Research Tool 
    #4: Walkthrough Of Facebook Ads Manager 
    #5: Terminology & Objectives  
    #6: Targeting 101 - Laser Targeting 
    #7: Niche Organising 
    #8: Effective Testing
    #9: Flex Targeting - Narrowing Your Audience 
    #10: Interest Group Building - Targeting Example 
    #11: Interest Group Building - Targeting Example 
    #12: Interest Group Building - Targeting Example 
    #13: Interest Group Building - Targeting Example 
    #14: Interest Group Building - Targeting Example 
    #15: Creating Your Video Without Equipment
    #16: Improve Tracking Data - UTM Parameters
    #17: FB 20% Text Rule + Tool 
    #18: Create & Launching Your Ads - Facebook Post
    #19: Create & Launching Your Ads - Facebook Ads 
    #20: Creating Your Ultimate Facebook Columns View For Analysis 
    #21: Video Audiences & Retargeting Tricks
    #22: Facebook Fan Page Secret Strategies
    #23: Dynamic Retargeting - Setup & Launching
    #24: Building Page Engagement Audiences 
    #25: How To Build Look-A-Like Audiences 
    #26: Basics Around Analysis & 20% Scaling Method 

Week Four
Email Marketing
    #1: Intro To Email Marketing 
    #2: Building A Relationship
    #3: What Else Can You Sell? - Secret Tricks
    #4: Capturing Emails Effectively 
    #5: Setting Up Klaviyo & Integration 
    #6: Klaviyo - Basic Flows Discussion  
    #7: Klaviyo - Abandoned Cart Flow 
    #8: Klaviyo - Welcome Series
    #9: Klaviyo - New Customer - Thank You
    #10: Klaviyo - Browse Abandonment
    #11: Email Marketing Extras & Conclusion

Week Five
Instagram Influencer Strategy
    #1: Intro To Influencer Strategy
    #2: Instagram Basics - Posting
    #3: Instagram Basics - Hashtags
    #4: Instagram Basics - Engagement
    #5: Instagram Basics - Scheduling
    #6: Identify Influencers
    #7: Vetting Instagram Influencers
    #8: Contacting Influencers
    #9: What Should You Pay?
    #10: Tracking Results & Scaling Influencers

Week Six
Instagram Ads
    #1: Instagram Ads Intro 
    #2: Launch Your First Instagram Ad 
    #3: Creating A Video Storie Ad Easily & Quickly 
    #4: Launch An Insta Stories Ads 

Week Seven
Scaling Past 10K
    #1: Advanced Conversion Optimisation - What If They Don't Add To Cart?
    #2: Scaling Your Store Past 10K
    #3: Vertical & Horizontal Scaling (FB Ads)
    #4: Scaling To New Lands 
    #5: Scaling By Objectives (FB Ads)
    #6: Scaling By Audience Optimisation (FB Ads) 
    #7: Magic Pixel Scaling (FB Ads)
    #8: Increasing AOV - Upsell/Cross-sell
    #9: Manual Bidding (FB Ads)
    #10: Power Of UGC

Week Eight
Outsourcing & Automation
    #1: Outsourcing Customer Support - Part 1
    #2: Outsourcing Customer Support - Part 2
    #3: Outsourcing Fulfilment
    #4: Automating Administration Tasks 
    #5: Automating Shopify Store
    #6: Outsourcing Operations & Ads 

Week Nine
Branding & Growth
    #1: Intro & Branding Your Most Popular Items
    #2: Setting Up Fulfilment
    #3: Print On Demand
    #4: Partnerships With Influencers
    #5: Building Relationships & Exposure
    #6: Selling Your Store
    #7: Secret Bonus

Software & Applications
We will guide you through using the most powerful tools
for being successful with your store. 
RocketMessage is the most advanced Facebook Messenger software for Shopify/Ecommerce which enables store owners to increase there cart abandonment rates by up to 5x more than email!

With an extremely simple setup, you are minutes away from automating the most important recovery part of your entire store instantly. 

With Shopify, you can build an online store with no technical experience or knowledge of Ecommerce because they make it easy for anyone. They manage your store, host it and give you full control of your store at the same time with there plans starting as low as €29/month but with Advanced Ecommerce Academy you will get a 14 or 21-day free trial!
The Advanced Ecommerce Academy Master Mind Group
The best way for you to grow as an entrepreneur is to interact with other entrepreneurs. When you join the Advanced Ecommerce Academy you are going to get access to our exclusive customer only Facebook group where you can access Seth and other coaches at any time and get extremely fast responses to any questions you have preventing you from progressing.

You will also have direct access to other people who have become successful from the course and all the other people you see mentioned on this page and who will help with your growing success from joining. 

High Ticket Webinar Selling Module
High ticket webinars are the best way to sell high priced goods  from your audiences or paid traffic. Including the exact strategies and step-by-step process behind doing sales of over $1,000 in 1 order for your shopify store! 
Bonus #1
The Instagram Influencer Module
  •  Instagram influencers can give the best ROI for any products. However, finding the correct influencers and vetting them properly can be tricky and that's why we created easy-to-follow guidelines during the training
Bonus #2
Exclusive Weekly Live Streams & Webinars
  •  Sit down with Seth and ask any question you wish during the LIVE streams and even attend the exclusive webinars where new strategies are discussed.
Bonus #3
Weekly Product Recomendations & Secret Blueprints
  •  Each week I give away product recommendations inside of the exclusive Facebook mastermind group along with getting full access to multiple blueprints & cheat sheets!
Core Training
Advanced Scaling Section
Instagram Influencers
Outsourcing & Automation 
Limited Time Offer
100% Money Back Guarantee 
Access To Private Mastermind
Join The Best Ecommerce Course
ONLY $2500
Full Money Back Guarantee
We are committed to your success.
If you purchase this course, apply the methods by taking action and DO NOT get the value you were looking for I will issue you a full refund, continue to give you access to the course AND issue you an additional $100 cash back as a way of apologizing for wasting your time. I stand behind this program 110% and the results back this up. This is why I can make this bold refund guarantee
Today you can get access to the entire course and all the bonuses for this special price. You must hurry if you want to secure a place in the course because we are increasing the price of this program due to its extreme amount of results and increased demand.
Meet Some Of The Students
"MADE FIRST $1,000 IN FIRST 2 WEEKS" - Alexander S.
Frequently Asked Questions
Can the course be faster than 9 weeks?
The course can be taken at whatever rate you are comfortable with. We created the course so that it would be at a rate of you doing approx 1/2 hours per day over the period of 9 weeks. We can't tell how much time and willingness you have with your approach but we've had situations of students finishing the course in 3 weeks but they worked extremely hard and had a lot of time available. 
Is the course beginner friendly?
Yes. The course is designed to take you from an absolute beginner to an advanced ecommerce expert. We have intermediate students join the course because they are struggling to get their stores past the 10k/month mark but in the training, you start from the absolute beginning and assume you have no knowledge of ecommerce.
I already have a store but I'm not making sales?
I've been there so don't worry. The focus of the course is to really teach you how to effectively sell online and setting up your stores is a smaller part of the course so if you are in a situation where you already have a store but not having much success from it this course will be a perfect fit and you can just advance to week two.
What if I can't afford the full payment?
We offer a payment plan option, which breaks the one-time payment up into smaller monthly payments. If you are still not able to afford this I would recommend spending some time looking in the Ecommerce Soldiers Facebook group to see if you can get started but I then also recommend waiting till you are in a situation that you can afford to invest into this course.
How old do you need to be to join?
It really comes down to how serious and committed you are. I have students who are very young who are having massive success due to them being committed and focused along with students who are much older and also having great success. There is not age requirements for this course but when getting paid for your sales you will need to have a bank account to transfer the cash to.
What if I'm not happy with the results?
I want you to be more than happy with the results. Learning to sell online is one of the most powerful skills out there and not only will this apply to Ecommerce but for every business, you bring online. I really care about your success and that is why I constantly engage in the mastermind groups. If you have completed the whole course, implemented the strategies, and still aren't getting results I will work with you directly in a one-to-one to help see what is wrong. If after that you are still not getting improvements I will issue you a full refund.
What if I have questions or problems?
All students have access to our private Facebook group where they can ask any questions. My team and I are active in the group daily. If you have an urgent or specific question you can use the "Ask A Question" feature which means your question is guaranteed to be answered during the weekly live Q&A.
How long do I have access to the academy?
You have lifetime access to the Advanced Ecommerce Academy, which includes the course and the private Facebook mastermind groups associated with the course.
Remember, This Could Be Your Store One Day.
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*Earnings and income representations made by Seth Smith of Kamozi Marketing LTD are aspirational statements of any potential earnings. These results are not typical and results will vary depending on the individual. The results on this page are Seth's results from years of testing and hard work. We can in NO way guarantee you will get similar results. The sales figures stated above are our personal sales figures and those of students who have worked extremely hard. Please understand that our results are not typical, and we do not imply that you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). All businesses entails risks and would need consistent effort, discipline and action. If you're not willing to accept that, then this is not for you. You agree that the programmes and individuals associated are not liable to you in any way for your results when using our products and services. Please review our Terms & Conditions for our full disclaimer of liability and other restrictions.